Plum Cove Studios is proud to be able to offer a limited number of these great wheel & axle sets at an amazing price, only $67 (shipping included), fully machined and fully assembled. They can be shipped unassembled if desired. If you order 4 for $235 we'll include USPS Priority Mail to lower 48.

The wheels are cast iron for excellent trackability and long life and are CNC'd to IBLS standards. They measure 4.250 on the tread and 4.625 on the flange. They're a wonderful 13/16th wide which will help prevent derailments when the track gauge wanders a bit (hey, nobody's perfect!)

The axles are 1 inch steel CNC'd to 7.50 or 7.25 gauge. They're 10.625 long with 3/8th diameter ends suitable for mating with common bearings or bushings.

The uses are limited only by your imagination! Speeders, trucks, locomotives, velocipedes have all been constructed so far! Let us know what you're up to, and send pictures when the project is finished!

One Note: these axles are different that Plum Cove Studios' usual wheel and axle sets. They are not a direct replacement for our "normal" sets, and won't fit into our arch bar trucks.

Have any questions? Ready to buy via check? please don't hesitate to call or email.

If you're ready to buy via credit card or Paypal, here's a link!


Sam Pool & Paul Pool

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19 Linwood Place

Gloucester, MA 01930